Long Overknee Stretch Red

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Red, the color of love and fire. Red evokes associations with hot nights of love with great passion and fire. These boots fulfill just that. The foot area to the ankle is made in genuine, high-quality leather. The PU bootleg is attached to the leg like a second skin. This makes legs even slimmer and longer. These boots must not be missing in any shoe cabinet.

EU 37: 46cm
EU 38: 47cm
EU 39: 47cm
EU 40: 48cm
EU 41: 49cm
EU 42: 49cm
EU 43: 54cm
EU 44: 55cm
EU 45: 56cm
EU 46: 56cm

All circumferences stretchable up to 1,5cm

EU 37: 33cm
EU 38: 34cm
EU 39: 35cm
EU 40: 35cm
EU 41: 36cm
EU 42: 37cm
EU 43: 38cm
EU 44: 40cm
EU 45: 40cm
EU 46: 40cm

All circumferences stretchable up to 1,5cm

EU 37: 24cm
EU 38: 25cm
EU 39: 25cm
EU 40: 26cm
EU 41: 26cm
EU 42: 27cm
EU 43: 28cm
EU 44: 28cm
EU 45: 28cm
EU 46: 28cm

EU 37: 65cm
EU 38: 65cm
EU 39: 67cm
EU 40: 68cm
EU 41: 68cm
EU 42: 70cm
EU 43: 69cm
EU 44: 69cm
EU 45: 71cm
EU 46: 71cm

EU 37: 80cm
EU 38: 80cm
EU 39: 82cm
EU 40: 83cm
EU 41: 83cm
EU 42: 85cm
EU 43: 85,5cm
EU 44: 85,5cm
EU 45: 87,5cm
EU 46: 87,5cm



Arollo Long Overknee Stretch Red Sizes

1 review for Long Overknee Stretch Red

  1. Julien B.

    Thanks Michael,

    I bought some weeks ago the overknee strecth red boots, they are a wonder and the best in my boots collection !

    Best regards,


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