Long Overknee Lady Olga

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Looking for a leather boot suitable for everyday use, which is also comfortable to wear?
The search is over. AROLLO offers here for the first time a Thigh High model with only 3cm heel. The non-slip rubber sole also ensures a safe step on any surface. These boots are ideal to make a stir outside your own home. In honor of our tireless brand ambassador for Russia, Olga Egorova, we named this creation after her.

EU 37: 47cm
EU 38: 48cm
EU 39: 49cm
EU 40: 49cm
EU 41: 50cm
EU 42: 51cm
EU 43: 52cm
EU 44: 53cm
EU 45: 55cm
EU 46: 56cm

EU 37: 34cm
EU 38: 34cm
EU 39: 35cm
EU 40: 35cm
EU 41: 35cm
EU 42: 35cm
EU 43: 37cm
EU 44: 38cm
EU 45: 38cm
EU 46: 38cm

EU 37: 27cm
EU 38: 27cm
EU 39: 27cm
EU 40: 28cm
EU 41: 28cm
EU 42: 29cm
EU 43: 30cm
EU 44: 30cm
EU 45: 30cm
EU 46: 30cm

EU 37: 73cm
EU 38: 73cm
EU 39: 75cm
EU 40: 75cm
EU 41: 76cm
EU 42: 76cm
EU 43: 76cm
EU 44: 79cm
EU 45: 81cm
EU 46: 81cm

EU 37: 76cm
EU 38: 76cm
EU 39: 78cm
EU 40: 78cm
EU 41: 79cm
EU 42: 79cm
EU 43: 79cm
EU 44: 82cm
EU 45: 84cm
EU 46: 84cm


1 review for Long Overknee Lady Olga

  1. Gerard

    Nice and beautiful boots. Perfect! As a man you can wear them in public without to much attention. I feel very pleased with this boots.

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