Long Overknee Kim


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A thigh high boot that only exists once. If you’ve had enough of the same shapes and colors, then we’ve developed the right boot for you. Break out of the norm with these boots. They are elegant, stylish and erotic at the same time. Depending on how you combine the rest of your outfit with these boots, you acquire a product that really suits every occasion. Exactly, elegantly, stylish or sexy.

EU 37: 50cm
EU 38: 52cm
EU 39: 53cm
EU 40: 53cm
EU 41: 54cm
EU 42: 56cm
EU 43: 58cm
EU 44: 59cm
EU 45: 59cm
EU 46: 60cm

All circumferences stretchable up to 1cm

EU 37: 32cm
EU 38: 32cm
EU 39: 35cm
EU 40: 36cm
EU 41: 38cm
EU 42: 38cm
EU 43: 39cm
EU 44: 40cm
EU 45: 40cm
EU 46: 40cm

All circumferences stretchable up to 1cm

EU 37: 25cm
EU 38: 25cm
EU 39: 25cm
EU 40: 26cm
EU 41: 26cm
EU 42: 27cm
EU 43: 27cm
EU 44: 27cm
EU 45: 28cm
EU 46: 29cm

EU 37: 68cm
EU 38: 70cm
EU 39: 71cm
EU 40: 71cm
EU 41: 72cm
EU 42: 73cm
EU 43: 74cm
EU 44: 75cm
EU 45: 76cm
EU 46: 77cm

EU 37: 77cm
EU 38: 79cm
EU 39: 80cm
EU 40: 80cm
EU 41: 81cm
EU 42: 82cm
EU 43: 83cm
EU 44: 84cm
EU 45: 85cm
EU 46: 86cm


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