AROLLO Long Overknee Boots Queen Genuine Leather EU37-EU46

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Stand barefoot on the floor, measuring from the heel upwards! Fill in your measurements below and your custom-made Boots will be send out to you within 21 working days from receipt of payment. No exchange and return right for custom made boots.

4. Thigh
See shaft at the product description, transfer the length to your leg and take the circumference. Shorter shaft possible, but it must be at least 9 cm shorter then the standard length. Any longer shaft possible, but there will be an additional seam on the shaft. The expansion lip is eliminated.
3. Knee
Take circumference about 10cm above your knee
2. Calf
Take circumference at the strongest area of your calf
1. Ankle
Take ankle circumference at a height of 18cm, because of technical reasons shaft changes are not possible under 18cm



Shipping & Delivery


The name speaks for itself – become a Queen and make men go crazy. You make the right choice with this amazing long thigh high boot. The super skinny, black, real nappa skin runs along your leg tightly and displays your assets most favourably. If you wear these boots with a classic short dress and matching tights, LONG OVERKNEE QUEEN turns into a hot fashion item. Buy this mind-boggling long over the knee boot exclusively from us at attractive producer prices. Delivery today ex stock!

EU 37: 49cm
EU 38: 50cm
EU 39: 50cm
EU 40: 51cm
EU 41: 53cm
EU 42: 54cm
EU 43: 54cm
EU 44: 55cm
EU 45: 55cm
EU 46: 57cm

EU 37: 35cm
EU 38: 36cm
EU 39: 36cm
EU 40: 36cm
EU 41: 37cm
EU 42: 38cm
EU 43: 38cm
EU 44: 38cm
EU 45: 38cm
Eu 46: 39cm

EU 37: 25cm
EU 38: 27cm
EU 39: 28cm
EU 40: 28cm
EU 41: 28cm
EU 42: 30cm
EU 43: 30cm
EU 44: 32cm
EU 45: 33cm
EU 46: 34cm

EU 37: 67cm
EU 38: 70cm
EU 39: 71cm
EU 40: 73cm
EU 41: 75cm
EU 42: 75cm
EU 43: 77cm
EU 44: 78cm
EU 45: 80cm
EU 46: 82cm

EU 37: 80cm
EU 38: 83cm
EU 39: 84cm
EU 40: 86cm
EU 41: 88cm
EU 42: 88cm
EU 43: 90cm
EU 44: 91cm
EU 45: 93cm
EU 46: 95cm


6 reviews for AROLLO Long Overknee Boots Queen Genuine Leather EU37-EU46

  1. Madison A.

    Your company saved my London shoot! You sent my boots in record speed to greet me but I was a larger at that time and my thighs were not sexy yet! This shoot taken last month shows that I can rock your boots and even some extra room! When I mean business in the bedroom I wear your boots! But I’ll keep that video for myself. I love your product and professionalism.

    Verified Review. More Information

  2. Julien B.

    Dear mr Mariani, The lovely boots finally arrived on Wednesday in perfect condition! Thanks for your involvement. Kind regards, Julien B.

    Verified Review. More Information

  3. David B.

    Hello Michael, received the boots today. Very fast delivery! Thank you. Very happy with them, excellent quality. Kind regards, David.

    Verified Review. More Information

  4. Peter C.

    I am a big fan of Arollo boots. My wife owns a pair of long overknee Queen and I own a pair of Anna 2 Special Edition size 44. Why do I love Arollo Boots: The SHAPE of Arollo boots is so incredible – the shape they give to the foot and the leg is amazing. The boots also extend the leg and give the wearer a stunning figure and tight butt. The SMELL of the leather is wonderful. The FEEL of the boots is fantastic. Arollo boots are very sexy.

    Best regards
    Peter C.

    Verified Review. More Information

  5. Sean M.

    Thank you for the excellent craftsmanship and service! I just received the package today. They are lovely! My wife will love them as much I do. Thank you again for helping me track them. They arrived safe today. You will be hearing from me again real soon in the near future. I will be looking to purchase the Anna 2 boots. Thank you Michael

    Verified Review. More Information

  6. Lauren

    I love my Queen boots for the same reason I love my ANNA 2 boots. But these are like my ‘daily boots’ because they have no platform I can wear them more often. The thing I love most about Arollo is the quality and smoothness of the leather. I also have a pair of Fernando Berlin but in my opinion, Arollo is so much better. Arollo boots always fit perfectly, are very comfortable to walk in and of course, Michael is always ready to help!

    Verified Review. More Information

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