Ezada Sinn – News update

Ezada Sinn

It was in April 2020 when we introduced Ezada Sinn as a new member in the AROLLO Boots Family to you. Since then we got to know Ezada Sinn as a professional and extremely successful entrepreneur. She has a very precise idea of what she wants to achieve with her work. It is not for nothing that she likes to use the addition “The Matriarch” in her appearances on social media. She definitely is the Matriarch of her community. No matter if you follow her on Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, you always will get the real Ezada Sinn. One of her affairs of the heart is her YouTube Chanel Chic Feminine On this channel, she shares the love and joy of wearing clothes and shoes that make you happy too.

Of course boots, and especially Long Boots (Thigh High Boots) are playing a main role in the life of Ezada Sinn. No matter if for businesses or in private life. We asked what is special about Thigh High Boots for her.

Ezada Sinn:

“Long boots are always an eye catcher and in my eyes the longer they are, the better. I especially fancy the tight high-heel platform Long Overknee Boots like the Stretch Red from Arollo. Now, just putting these beauties on makes me feel sexy and powerful, like a cruel sex Goddess. But although I wear them a lot when I play with my husband or I create videos for my fans. Extreme heels like these are not appropriate for everyday life.

As I enjoy being chic and unique all the time I found little tricks to offer me comfort and an eye catching look. One of my tricks is to wear Long Overknee short-heel or flat boots to elevate any outfit. In this regard my newest pair of boots from Arollo, Long Overknee Kim, are perfect. The chunky 9 cm long heel is comfortable for a long walk in the park while the high quality leather that goes high over the knee is a fashion statement – surely these boots can’t go unnoticed. The red stretch band on the side of the boot offers a comfortable tight fit as well as visually elongates the legs.

I am often asked which is my favorite pair of boots in my extensive collection but it’s not possible to name just one pair. My favorite pair of boots is the one that is the most suitable for the activity I am about to do. And a Woman can never have too many pairs of boots.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ezada Sinn for being such a valuable member of our Boots Family and we are grateful for the friendship.




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