Difference between Crotch and Thigh High Boots

Crotch Boots

Crotch and Thigh High Boots, what is the big difference? Let´s take a closer look at this question today.

Thigh High Boots:

Thigh high boots are boots whose shaft reaches to about mid-thigh, or slightly above. Thus, they are already much longer than the classic Overknees, which go just above the knee. In the past, before the industrial age, thigh high boots were much seen and in everyday use. Especially when riding, they were an important piece of equipment that protects the thighs. Today, Thigh High boots serve only as a fashion item. But as such, they now have an enormous fan base and are indispensable on some occasions. Of course, today thigh high boots come in all kinds of designs and materials. Whether high heels with platform or low heels, even very flat Thigh High boots without heel are available, which are especially popular with men. Leather, latex or imitation leather, white, black, brown or red, the choice is huge. The right boot can be found for every taste and occasion.

Crotch Boots:

This boots are actually a further development of the Thigh High boots, or perhaps better said: even more erotic in sight. In these boots, the shaft reaches up the thigh as far as possible and ideally ends just below the crotch. Ideally, the boot shaft is then also tight-fitting, so that the legs of the wearer visually stretch to the sky and look very slim. Crotch boots and especially their use has expanded over the years. In the past, these boots were rather reserved for a certain professional group, but today, skillfully combined, they are seen more and more often in everyday life. Whoever masters the mixture of eroticism and provocation, elegance and style, will stand out from the crowd by far with Crotch boots.

So to sum up, the big difference between Thigh High and Crotch boots is the shaft length. Some also think that the higher the shaft the more erotic the boots and the charisma of the wearer.

Arollo Thigh High and Crotch Boots:





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