AROLLO Long Overknee Boots Genuine Leather EU37-EU44


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Unusual, high quality, sexy, elegant. All this applies to these genuine leather Thigh High boots. The shaft has been pulled laterally higher so that it extends beyond the thigh and provides an additional eye-catcher. The 10.5 cm high High Heel makes your legs even longer and make them look slimmer. An Arollo special model of the extra class.

EU 37: 51cm
EU 38: 52cm
EU 39: 52cm
EU 40: 53cm
EU 41: 54cm
EU 42: 55cm
EU 43: 55cm
EU 44: 57cm

EU 37: 35cm
EU 38: 36cm
EU 39: 36cm
EU 40: 37cm
EU 41: 38cm
EU 42: 38cm
EU 43: 38cm
EU 44: 39cm

EU 37: 25cm
EU 38: 26cm
EU 39: 26cm
EU 40: 27cm
EU 41: 27cm
EU 42: 28cm
EU 43: 28cm
EU 44: 28cm

EU 37: 69cm-89cm
EU 38: 69cm-89cm
EU 39: 69cm-89cm
EU 40: 71cm-91cm
EU 41: 71cm-91cm
EU 42: 72cm-92cm
EU 43: 73cm-93cm
EU 44: 74cm-94cm

EU 37: 79,5cm-99,5cm
EU 38: 79,5cm-99,5cm
EU 39: 79,5cm-99,5cm
EU 40: 81,5cm-101,5cm
EU 41: 81,5cm-101,5cm
EU 42: 82,5cm-102,5cm
EU 43: 83,5cm-103,5cm
EU 44: 84,5cm-104,5cm

Long Overknee Eve Measurements


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