Danisbodystyle – News update


Danisbodystyle is known by many of our fans and followers as a German Lady who loves AROLLO Overknee and Thigh High Boots. Dani loves doing sports and keeping herself in good shape. Especially in autumn and winter she loves to wear Overknee and Thigh High boots. Our first collaboration started in 2018 with an pair of AROLLO Thigh High Boots. She fell in love with the perfect fitting and the comfortable to wear. Which is very important to her, because she wears Overknee and High Heel Thigh High Boots for shopping and also for a nice walk in the city. And anyone knows when Ladies are out for shopping, it can take hours. Also she loves to dress up herself well and likes to experiment with different outfits.

Once we published pictures from our first collaboration, which turns out to become very successful, we agreed very soon for an second one. This time the AROLLO Overknee Boots ANNA3 Special Edition have been the boots to promote. Danisbodystyle did three different shootings in Spring and Summer for us. It goes without saying that these pictures were also very successful and received even more likes and clicks than those from our first collaboration. After that, it was time to do some advertising for a third model.

The new AROLLO Stretch Boots in red have been the favorite boots. Again, Dani did three shootings for us, one indoor and two outdoor. Pictures from all three received most likes and clicks so far. So it was a part of Dani too that the boots are one of the most successful models from our collection today.

Now the good news: Of course we are working on a fourth collaboration with an Thigh High style. This boots will be a challenge for Dani. Why? Because of the heel height!!! So, stay tuned and don´t miss once we publish the first pictures.


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