AROLLO ANNA 3 Special Edition Overknee Plateau High Heel Boots EU37-EU42

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Stand barefoot on the floor, measuring from the heel upwards! Fill in your measurements below and your custom-made Boots will be send out to you within 21 working days from receipt of payment. No exchange and return right for custom made boots.

3. Top
Take circumference at the top (see shaft length)
2. Calf
Take circumference at the strongest area of your calf
1. Ankle
Take ankle circumference at a height of 18cm, because of technical reasons shaft changes are not possible under 18cm



Shipping & Delivery


ANNA3 special edition unites the hotness of a black sole and the robust look-and-feel of a platform with tread. Black genuine leather stages smoking hot legs, combined with shorts your most sexy look is guaranteed. Ready to feast your eyes? ANNA3 SPECIAL-EDITION can only be ordered from AROLLO at exceptionally low price. Quick delivery ex stock – free shipping worldwide.

EU 37: 41cm
EU 38: 41cm
EU 39: 42cm
EU 40: 42cm
EU 41: 45cm
EU 42: 46cm

EU 37: 34cm
EU 38: 34cm
EU 39: 35cm
EU 40: 36cm
EU 41: 39cm
EU 42: 40cm

EU 37: 27cm
EU 38: 27cm
EU 39: 28cm
EU 40: 29cm
EU 41: 29cm
EU 42: 30cm

EU 37: 53cm
EU 38: 53cm
EU 39: 53cm
EU 40: 54cm
EU 41: 57cm
EU 42: 57cm

EU 37: 69,5cm
EU 38: 69,5cm
EU 39: 69,5cm
EU 40: 70,5cm
EU 41: 73,5cm
EU 42: 73,5cm


2 reviews for AROLLO ANNA 3 Special Edition Overknee Plateau High Heel Boots EU37-EU42

  1. Madison A.

    Your company saved my London shoot! You sent my boots in record speed to greet me but I was a larger at that time and my thighs were not sexy yet! This shoot taken last month shows that I can rock your boots and even some extra room! When I mean business in the bedroom I wear your boots! But I’ll keep that video for myself. I love your product and professionalism.

    Verified Review. More Information

  2. Joze K.

    Guten Tag Stiefel sin sehr schoen und perfeckt zusammen genaeht . Geruch ist einzigartig richtig nach Leder…..Danke

    Verified Review. More Information

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