Wicked Heels Photography new in the Arollo Boots Family

Wicked Heels Photography

Wicked Heels Photography is another photographer who loves to work for, and after all with Arollo Boots. As a loyal fan, you know that we from Arollo always work with international Photographers. Artists from all parts of the world are already member in the AROLLO Boots Family. So also Wicked Heels Photography from Great Britain.

Arollo and Wicked Heels Photography

David, who stands behind WHP, gives us a short overview about his passion and describes how he become aware to AROLLO:

‘I’m an Electrical Engineer by profession, this keeps me occupied for most of my time. When I do have free days I like to indulge in my hobby of photography which is constantly evolving and developing.

For a long time I have been interested and been involved in various aspects of the Fetish Industry. Starting in the1990’s working with a friend who developed a highly successful fetish magazine and internet media company. I worked with him on both sides of the viewfinder. My experience and interest which took off there has led me to concentrate on mainly footwear orientated images which seem very popular.

Today i own three pairs of Arollo boots, chosen initially because my models at the time had very long legs and I wanted long boots ( Anna2 ) to accentuate these details. I was impressed by the quality and feel of the boots, and the way that they fit my models, the proportions of length and heel height are perfect for our images. I subsequently ordered another pair in a smaller foot size for different models. Our latest pair of Red Stretch Thigh High Boots are fabulous. I have so many emails from models wanting to wear them!

Our first collaboration

Few days ago we received the pictures from our first collaboration. Wicked Heels Photography did a shooting in 100% Arollo style. Red Stretch Boots which the Model Jen Bailey combined with a black Jean and an black leather jacked.  We would describe the style as sporty elegant. And this is what Arollo stands for: Sporty, Elegant, Stylish and Erotic – simple: Boots for any occasion.

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