What´s so special about Overknee Boots?

Overknee Boots

The hype about Overknee Boots continues and there is no end to see. More than a decade ago, Overknees arrived in the Haut Couture. It was at the end of the zero years of the new century as Overknee Boots emerged from the shadow of bad taste. Almost all Designers at this time had some high quality, elegant good looking Overknee Boots in theirs collection. And they also recognized the sexy message that can be transported with these shoes.

At this time, exactly by the end of 2007, AROLLO started designing the first Overknee Boots, which has been sold first on eBay in the middle of 2008. Since then we have developed many different models and included them in our collection. Currently we offer a small, but fine collection of different styles. From Low Heel Boots to extreme High Heel Boots with or without platform, it´s all there for any taste.

Today, wearing Overknee Boots in public is often seen. Most women know how to combine Overknees. They follow the golden rule you can experience at our “Styling Tips”.  And they know what´s so special about these kind of boots. No other footwear than Overknees offers so many advantages. Or with which other style can you achieve to look, elegant and very sexy at the same time? With which other style look your legs longer and slimmer? Which other footwear keeps your legs warm up over the knee? Which other footwear is a head turner? What other shoes make men turn to look at you? Which other shoes express your self-confidence better? You see, there are so many advantages, we could continue counting almost endless.

We at AROLLO are passionate about Overknee Boots and we try to transfer that passionate to you, as our fans, customers and friends.


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