What to wear with AROLLO over the knee boots?

Less is more. This holds true for all our boots. As AROLLO over the knee boots are an eyecatcher themselves, they are best worn with sober outfits. Don’t show too much skin, which may look cheap and tawdry very quickly.
For a while, over the knee boots were considered wicked. However, these times are gone now and over the knee boots are more and more becoming fashion items. Wear AROLLO over the knee boots with short not too tight-fitting skirts or dresses. Also, a pair of skinny jeans looks great with the boots and opens an array of combinations with shirts and blouses, etc. Opaque tights or unicolour leggings are a fantastic match, too!
As long as the rest of your outfit is discreet, you may as well try to combine your boots with a tight-fitting miniskirt. In this case also choose to put on a pair of tights.

Pay attention to your pick of boots as well, e.g. colour latex and polyvinyl boots are so cliché! That is why our AROLLO over the knee and thigh high crotch boots are made from first-class genuine leather in sublte, complementary colours. Worn with the right items, they quickly turn into acceptable everyday fashion items, far from any innuendo.