Overknee Outfit – how to design it right?

Overknee Outfit

How to design the right Overknee Outfit, is the theme we look closer to today. At this point we have already given styling tips on many occasions. But it seems important to us to summarize once again the most important key points of a perfect styling. Of course, the outfits for not all occasions are the same. So let’s start right away with the most delicate topic.

Overknee Outfit for everyday life:

Over-the-knee boots are much seen in cities across Europe these days. To make this special footwear suitable for everyday wear, you should pay attention to a few points. First of all, remember the rule: Less is more! Don’t show too much skin. The boots are the eye-catcher and so the outerwear should not be too revealing. Combine your hot Overknees with a turtleneck jumper or a closed blouse. All kind of long arm Jackets are good as well. It can be a mini skirt at the bottom. Make sure that the skirt ends about 10 cm above the top of the boots. This still gives enough view of your legs. For those who don’t like miniskirts, jeans are of course always a good alternative.  Do not use too much make up. Too much make up distracts from the beautiful boots, which should be shown off to their best advantage.

The quality of the Overknees themselves naturally plays a decisive role for everyday wear. Pay attention to high quality material. Genuine leather, in the colors black, grey, or brown is perfect for everyday life. For those who like it a little more comfortable, Overknees with slightly wider heels are recommended. Blocked Heels or Funnel Heels are a good alternative, and your legs will thank you. Of course, high heels are also an option, but reserved for ladies with experience.

You should also make sure that your Overknees fit well. They should not be too tight and not too wide ether. They fit perfect if you can put your fingers between the end of the shaft and your leg. Follow these simple rules and you’ll be ready to go shopping in your over-the-knee boots. No one will push you into the wrong corner. On the contrary, you’ll get lots of admiring glances.

Overknee Outfit for the special moments:

Is there a better accessory than Overknees to seduce your sweetheart? Especially in relationships that have lasted for many years, a certain tiredness often creeps into the bedroom. Here it is important to provide surprises and variety from time to time. With Overknee boots, you can certainly do that. Every man, or at least almost everyone, is into these boots. They combine the forbidden with the erotic. For this occasion you can combine your Overknees very freely. Sexy lace lingerie, and in red too, will get any man’s temperature up. He is already looking forward to unpacking, and is excited about what awaits him. Of course, the perfect seduction only succeeds in Overknees with high heels. There is less walking with these boots, so the rule here is: The higher the heel, the more successful the seduction.

Nevertheless, the quality of the boots is often decisive here too. You won’t be able to seduce a leather fetishist with latex boots, and vice versa. But for both variants you should pay attention to good workmanship and very good fit. If you follow these few tips, you will be able to revitalize your relationship in the long term.

Overknee Outfit for Party:

The outfit depends on what kind of party you are going to. At a party with friends, the same styling tips apply as we described under everyday outfits. Here it is simply important to appear elegant and tasteful. You can achieve this with the rule: less is more.

Things are very different at a fetish party. There are no limits to the imagination for the rest of the outfit. From the cosplay outfit to all possible interpretations of the respective fetish, everything is allowed and possible. Actually, all you have to do is stay yourself and then your outfit will almost take care of itself.


Overknee and Thigh High Boots are a option for any occasion. It just depends on the occasion how you should combine the rest of your outfit.


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