High Heel Boots

High Heel Boots

High heel boots are still very fashionable. We at AROLLO do not run after this trend, we design it. For almost 15 years we have been designing high quality high heel boots made of genuine leather. Where Arollo is on it is also Arollo in it. Our creations are available exclusively at our online store www.arolloboots.com, on eBay and on Amazon. With us there are no middlemen, so you buy directly from the designer. This allows us to offer you the best price.

Why are high heel boots so in demand?

High heels change your posture. The high heel directs the movement of the foot in the direction of the ankle. This is also called plantar flexion. This achieves an extension of the lower leg or the entire leg. Your legs are looking longer and slimmer. Wearing high heels automatically establishes an upright posture. This emphasizes the chest and buttocks. The height of the body increases. Women who master the walk with high heels are considered particularly feminine, attractive and erotic.

High quality High Heel Boots by AROLLO

At AROLO you can find different versions of High Heel Boots. We offer High Heels from 9cm up to 16,5cm height. You can choose between blocked heels, stiletto heels, and funnel heels. The great advantage with us is that we have put special attention and care in the execution of the foot area. All our boots are comfortable to wear. And that even for hours. Detailed information, you will find in our article “High Heels wear without pain?”

Thigh High or Overknee High Heel Boots?

We offer both! Whether you choose Overknees or Thigh High Boots is really a decision of taste.  There are occasions when Overknees are more suitable. They are more simple and inconspicuous, and therefore very well usable in everyday life. On the other hand, there are plenty of occasions when you can’t avoid Thigh High Boots. Whether a frivolous party, a visit to the hip club or nice hours for two. Thigh High High Heel Boots give your outfit the right booster.

Here you will find the sexiest boots on earth:




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