AROLLO Boots – High Heels wear without pain?


Wearing High Heels without pain – is that possible? Many women are wondering that.

Women love High Heels for one reason in particular: High Heels make the legs look longer and, above all, slimmer. Two advantages, for which there is no real counterargument. However, many women are rightly afraid of aching feet. And the higher the heel, the greater the probability. Even those Ladies who wear high heels daily and for several hours often complain of pain.

From hundreds of feedback from our female clientele, we know that AROLLO’s Overknee and Thigh High boots are a welcome exception. The Ladies rave about the high wearing comfort, which distinguishes our boots. Even over hours, our High Heels can be worn comfortably without causing the typical pain.

Our boots have also been subjected to a proper long-term test at the various fetish fairs. The subject wore three days, 10 hours daily, Overknee Boots from our collection. Neither pain nor cramps were complained.

In the development, of course, the foot area was given a lot of attention. As you know, we attach great importance to developing designs that are wearable in everyday life. Since it is natural to also ensure a good comfort. A few hours in the club or in the posh restaurant are quickly over, and which Lady would like to spend the evening there with aching feet, or has a pair of shoes to change with.

In addition, we offer a large selection of different heights and shapes of heels. Starting with the simple 3cm high Low Heel to the extreme 16,5cm Stiletto High Heel, there should be something for every taste.

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