Fetish Ladies in AROLLO Thigh High Boots Kim

Fetish Ladies

International Fetish Ladies discovered our latest creation, the breathtaking AROLLO Thigh High Boots Kim. After publishing the new boots in September 2021, we never thought that these boots are selling so good. Normally, Fetish Ladies prefer more the classic High Heel boots, with Stiletto Heels. But sometimes blocked heel boots can offer a advantage. They are much more comfortable to wear when wearing the boots for several hours. And the red elastic strip is the eye catcher which gives those boots the extra erotic kick.

Brand Ambassador for Russia:

Our brand ambassador for Russia Olga Egorova aka @styleprofesser was the first Lady to have the privilege of wearing these boots even before we introduced them to our international customers. Olga congratulated us on the new boots. She also notice how versatile these boots can be combined. The red elastic band opens up so many possible combinations. And so we’re adding them to your collection in September 2021.

Best boots for professionals:

It just took some days, and Mistress Alegra from Switzerland received her own pair of the new AROLLO Thigh High Boots Kim. In a very long e-mail, she let us know how enthusiastic and satisfied she is with these boots. She also emphasized the high wearing comfort. As a professional dominatrix, she usually has to take off her high heel boots after an hour because the pain is too great. At the inauguration of the new Thigh High Boots Kim she wore them for several hours without any problems.

Comfortable Boots for a nice walk:

Ezada Sinn was the next Fetish Lady who decided for the new Thigh High Boots Kim.  The Matriarch showed us, in a wonderful photo gallery, that these boots are made for walking.  Most of the Ladies like to wear Overknee and Thigh High Boots also as a private person. And for this reason, boots who are comfortable to wear, suitable for everyday use but still sexy, are the best choice.

Another Fetish Lady who own a pair of the Kim boots is our long term regular customer from Germany @danisbodystyle. To take a walk in the nature without wearing Overknee or Thigh High Boots is almost unimaginable for her. With the new Kim Thigh High Boots, @danisbodystyle has found a pair that is incomparably comfortable to wear compared to other boots.

Get yourself a pair of these outstanding boots and be amazed at what is possible with this creation.



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