Crotch, Thigh High or Overknee Boots?


Crotch, Thigh High or Overknee Boots? This is the question that many of you ask yourself when it comes to boots. Today we take a closer look to all three types of boots. We give you tips when and to which occasion the respective boot type fits.

Crotch Boots:

Say what you will, crotch boots are the most erotic boots due to their length. That’s what makes them so special. This kind of boots are especially popular for the professional Ladies from the erotic industry. Most of those boots used there, are made of cheap material. At AROLLO we do not offer crotch boots made of cheap material. We have found that only genuine leather makes them wearable for occasions other than erotic. And that is the message we want you to give. As long as you take care of high quality material in combination with the rest of your outfit, even Crotch Boots are wearable in every day life. If you are a self-confidant Lady – Crotch Boots will lift you up one step higher. Find some styling tips here:

Thigh High Boots:

Thigh High Boots are just a little bit shorter than the Crotch ones. The shaft of the boots are reaching just up to the thigh. Of course, also this type of boots is very erotic. Ladies who know how to use these boots turn men’s heads. They are so versatile to combine, with these boots simply everything is possible. Whether elegant business lady, or seductive vamp, it depends on the design of the rest of the outfit. In our category “Long Overknee Boots” you will find a fine selection of different Thigh High models made of genuine leather.

Overknee Boots:

Over the knee boots are the most seen in public boots out of all three. The boots shaft reaches up to the knee – at Arollo just a little bit above the knee. If a woman decides to wear Overknees with a flat or low heel, these boots are absolutely suitable for everyday wear. Any Lady who want to have it a little bit more sexier, can choose a High Heel as well. For everyday use, the same applies as for the other two variants: Pay attention to the rest of the outfit. It should not be too erotic. Of course we have in our category “Overknee Boots” both types: Low Heel and High Heel Overknee Boots.

It is not always easy to find the right shoe for the occasion. AROLLO helps you with the search and with your decision.


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