Bijoux-Chocolate – new in the AROLLO Boots Family

Bijoux Chocolate

We warmly welcome our newest member Bijoux-Chocolate to our AROLLO Boots Family. We are proud to report on this highlight. Bijoux-Chocolate is one of those women who inevitably attract everyone’s attention as soon as she is into contact with people. But it is not only her indescribable natural beauty that fascinates. It is also her authentic and honest nature. Which overall is a wonderful and heavenly mixture, apart from her passionate activity, with which she literally turns the heads of many men and women.

As a professional dominatrix based in Mallorca, she lives her inclinations and preferences honoring slaves and fetishists. In addition, she has a strong passion for real leather.
Because for her, leather combines quality, naturalness, strength and durability, while it is mostly supple and soft at the same time, as well as looks classy and chic. That is why leather is
an integral part of the repertoire of Bijoux-Chocolate. So a meeting between her and AROLLO was only a matter of time or even inevitable!

As soon as we got in touch, we decided fast to add her to our Boots Family. We wanted her to do a shooting in our Thigh High Stretch Boots in red. To send them by express way to Mallorca was easy and gave her the chance to try them on for the first time only few days later. Only two weeks passed until we got an incredible result from her. She got us with the result
overwhelmed and far exceeded expectations. Every single image has the AROLLO style hit for 100%. So no wonder, that she is the new Covergirl on the Landingpage at our Online Shop.

In the short video, which we will upload next on YouTube,  you get a moving and impressive impression of how the red boots look stylish and sexy on her! She perfectly understands the boots can be combined in many ways. Either jeans for everyday use or with real leather or high-quality leggings for special occasions. She definitely is ultimately a Family member that AROLLO can only be happy about.

Many thanks to Bijoux-Chocolate for her immediate and competent implementation of the shoot.
It is always a pleasure for us at Arollo when partners are so reliable and we look forward to another collaboration with this beautiful and breathtaking lady.

More information about Bijoux-Chocolate and her service can be seen at and you can find her on Twitter @BijouxChocolate, as well as recently on Instagram @Bijoux.Chocolate.

Pictures from our first collaboration:



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