Are Thigh High Boots only for certain people?

Thigh High Boots

Thigh High boots only for certain people? This question might be asked by many of you. Who hasn’t thought of wearing Thigh High Boots, but somehow lacks the courage. Thanks to god , times has changed and it is much different to past years. Today anyone can wear Thigh High Boots in public without being pushed into a wrong corner. We from AROLLO develop boots to wear for any occasion. It is important to us to show that Thigh High Boots have become part of everyday life. That´s why we designed styles very plain and use only high quality leather.

At this point we have already given you several tips on styling. But some of them are so important for those who consider to wear Thigh High Boots for everyday life that we like to repeat.

First of all: Less is more!!! This kind of boots are the eye catcher, there is no need to overdress. Stay simple with the rest of the outfit. Do not show too much skin. Do not wear too much Make up. Avoid boots made of Latex or PU. Real leather boots are of course more expensive, but everyone can see the quality and will take note of you in a completely different way. Namely as you wish to be seen: Elegant, stylish, and confident. Also important is the question of heel hight. For everyday life the heel should not be too extreme high. Maximum 9cm should be more than enough. AROLLO offers a fine selection of boots between 3cm and 9cm heel hight. For those who are experienced enough are 10cm also an option. 

We want to make anyone courage to wear Thigh High Boots. Those who follow these few tips will only have positive experiences.

Some examples how to combine:




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