5 Top Tips to buying the right Cosplay Boots


Here another article from guest author Leanne Brooks about cosplay boots:

Your next comic book or anime convention is coming. You’ve decided months in advance you’re going to attend in cosplay. The character has been decided, the look is almost complete. But you’ve forgotten one crucial element – the perfect boots. But you don’t need to worry, unlike accessories and clothing, there are a ton of options for cosplay boots, whether Overknee high heel boots, platform, and knee-high. It all depends on your cosplay character. Here are a few helpful tips in choosing the right shoe.


Platform boots are known for their thick soles which are perfect for wearers who want the elevation but not the pain. Platforms also give you more stability than heel shoes and you can last longer walking around a convention in your cosplay look without wanting to take them off.

Heeled boots, on the other hand, looks a lot sexier, especially if you’re going for a character with a lot of femininity and sexual vibe. It helps to create a wonderful silhouette, making your legs look longer and more slender.


To get the best size, try on boots in the afternoon or the evening when your feet have fully expanded. There are times when your cosplay look will mean having to wear socks so bring a pair when you go out looking for the right boot to fit your character look. Some companies, like AROLLO, offer custom-fitted boots for all occasions. You can ask the manufacturer if they offer customized size boots. Keep in mind, custom-fitted boots will mean ordering them far in advance.


The key to finding a comfortable boot to wear on your next cosplay or anime convention is a good insole. A good insole will support all parts of your foot yet remains flexible when you’re walking or running which is the case when you attend a large convention where you’ll have to spend a good majority of the time walking or standing up.

When you’re trying a pair of boots, try walking in it around the store and see how your feet feel. You can also try standing on your tiptoes to see if you have enough space to stretch without being on the very tip of the boot.


After comfort, you want to check for flexibility in the booth. Sometimes cosplayers will have to do a lot of movement to emulate the character they are portraying so boot flexibility is very important. You should check the outside of the boot as well as the top of the boot if it has enough given to facilitate the comfortable movement of the feet.

To test for boot flexibility, you can try bending the front part of the boot where the toes are. The boot should be able to bend slightly but not too much. Then check for arch support. As a tip, choose one that has wide and thick heels as this will help you maintain balance.


If you plan to keep using the boot for all your cosplay characters, then you might want to invest in a made from genuine leather with the finest quality grade. A high-end shoe like this will be a good investment especially if you plan to reuse them for other cosplay looks. If you’re only looking for a boot to wear for a particular character then you can go for footwear made from cheaper material such as high-tech fabrics, or Cordura. Both options are available at any local cosplay shop.


Leanne Brooks is an ardent blogger who loves to write about outdoor, travel, fiction and more. She is currently working with yourcosplay.de the leading cosplay shop, which offers a wide variety of costumes from anime characters to children’s Halloween costumes.

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