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Crossdresser Queen Lady Isabella (Advertising)

Lady Isabella is known for her erotic hypnosis and erotic sessions that take the listener into a world often completely new for him to live his fetish. Crossdressing is a way for many men who like to dress up as women to live their inclination in many different ways.

An erotic hypnosis of Lady Isabella offers here the possibility to dive completely into this crossdressing world. Often, while listening, women’s clothing is tried out and certain toys such as anal plugs are used to stimulate sexually.

Many e-mails to Lady Isabella testify to the sexual fantasies of men who want to act out as crossdressers, but also to their concerns about listening to an erotic hypnosis.

For example, Viola from Wuppertal writes:
“I was a little afraid at first: what does erotic hypnosis do to me? How strongly will I be manipulated? Then I finally tried it out recently, put on my boots and inserted a plug.
I write to you because I was not only totally aroused but also had a kind of brain explosion in my head, which I have not experienced so far.
I then took a break because I was so overwhelmed by my feelings. … now after one week I listened to “Crossdresser” again and it was an absolutely pleasant feeling. The explosion has subsided again. But can erupt again at any time. I wanted to spur her on, Lady Isabella, to keep going. Still have many many suggestions also for new productions that I will share. I can not write everything in this mail, must also collect me first.”

In addition to women’s clothing and diverse crossdresser accessories such as women’s handbags, as with Viola, boots for men are also part of the clothing wishes of men who want to show themselves as women and visually live out in many different variations. These boots for men come in many different styles. They are especially popular in the super long version and are combined by men with other shoes for women, especially high heels. Boots for men, just like the high heels, exert an incredible fascination on crossdressers and when worn in combination with women’s underwear and provocative women’s clothing, fuel the desire to be a woman, to live as a woman and also to be desired as such.

Crossdressing is just the beginning for many

The border to feminization is fluid here, i.e., many crossdressers also want to be a sissy, as the many mails to Lady Isabella show.

Sandra from Vienna, for example, writes:

“I have been a crossdresser Lady Isabella for a long time but your productions have triggered me so much that i have more and more the feeling to want to be used. I put on my super long boots, dress with appropriate panties, make up a little and then go full off… inside me something happens that I can hardly describe. I wanted to thank you again for your effort and great productions. Not only for crossdressing but also for the slutty part in me. Yes, I notice how I develop more and more the tendency to nibble on forbidden fruit. I can hardly wait for the new production and would like to share my fantasies with you in the future. Sometimes I don’t even know who I am and what I want… I realize more and more that I want to go one step further… that I want to be feminized with everything that goes with it. Yes, these are the forbidden fruits that I am looking for… I need this ”

As a start for men with the Crossdresser Faible is recommended, for example, the erotic hypnosis “Crossdresser”  by Isabella’s erotic hypnosis.

Here is a brief description of what you can expect:
“This hypnosis will transform you into a woman. You are no longer a man, because you love short skirts, fine lingerie, fine silk stockings, high heels and long hair. With this hypnosis you will become a woman, feminine and irresistible. You will be admired, idolized and become a hot mare. For a day, a week or forever.”

Do you like to wear boots, high heels or women’s underwear? Do you have the idea of wanting to be pleasured as a woman?

Get inspired how you can live your crossdresser fetish / your individual ideas of being a woman even more intensively.

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