We proudly introduce you to our new brand ambassador for UK – TopFemdom

We are happy to introduce you to our new brand ambassador for UK – TopFemdom

TopFemdom is a platform focused on Female supremacy matters. Theirs interests in the subject started in late 90s when the Other World Kingdom started its project in Czech Republic. Since they have been involved in different aspects of the fetish lifestyle. They are based in London UK, however operate globally. Theirs aim is to gather as much femdom knowledge as possible in order to share it with the femdom community to keep it well informed.

TopFemdom is present on different social media platforms like: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr and also attend different type of the Femdom dedicated events, predominantly in the UK.

The people at TopFemdom are known for different services for the fetish community.

From professional Start up Domina training to the appropriate websites (design and built) they provide anything you need on social media.

AROLLO and TopFemdom came together on Twitter by following each other. We from AROLLO found out that we do have similar attitude. We both pay very close attention to quality and not to numbers. We do not post any nude or pornographic content. Also, we do not use any nude content to promote our high quality Overknee Boots. We just want to show how diverse the world of AROLLO and the world of domination can be. Since the beginning we offer high quality Overknee Boots and TopFemdom offers high quality posts on social media.

It was not difficult that we agreed to a long-time cooperation. The people from TopFemdom are absolutely convinced of the quality of the boots and the philosophy of AROLLO. And we are happy to have such professions to make the brand AROLLO better known in the UK.

So stay tuned and read more about AROLLO and TopFemdom here on this site and on Twitter.



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