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Arollo Specials

The category “Arollo Specials” in our Online Shop is the place where you can find products and offers above the normal collection of Thigh High and Overknee Boots.

Arollo Gift Card

At “Arollo Specials” you can purchase your gift card for your loved ones. Arollo gift card is popular among people who want to leave the decision about the boots model to the recipient of the gift card. You can click through our offers at your leisure and simply add your favorite boot to the shopping cart. Enter the coupon code and you’re done. The boots will then arrive at home in a few days. The Arollo gift certificate is always a good choice. Immediately available within minutes, it is not too late for a gift certificate for Valentine’s Day on February 14, for example.

Arollo Spurs

Another offer at Arollo Specials are our 100% handmade Spurs. Made of solid brass in two different designs, they are the best accessory to pimp up your boots. And the best part is that our spurs fit any shoe size. As an additional offer, we are offering you 20% off our handmade spurs when ordered with a pair of Overknee or Thigh High boots.

Arollo Boots Calendar

Also to find at Arollo Specials is the, every year returning Arollo Boots Calendar. 12 international Ladies from the Fashion and Fetish scene presenting month by month our hot genuine leather boots. In recent years, the popularity of this calendar increased steadily. Thus, with the last edition, we were able to post another sales record. Preparations for the 2024 edition are already underway. We are still looking for one or the other model. If you want to be a part of it and decorate a month in the new calendar, then send us your application. The best way to do this is to send an e-mail to

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