This Day in AROLLO History 2007

AROLLO History 2007

Let´s go back to the very beginning.

This Day in AROLLO History 2007

It was in late Autumn 2007 when the two businessmen Manfred Abenthung and Michael Mariani had a internal meeting. The two had just moved to their new office and worked full-time in real estate business. It was Michael Mariani who wanted to have a second business besides Real Estate brokerage. Manfred came up with the proposal to sell Overknee Boots on eBay. He had some experience in the past. Manfred was pretty sure that this would be a niche market where we can find our space.

Like self employed business men does, we checked out first the whole market for Overknee and Thigh High Boots. Soon we realized that there are not too many providers for high quality genuine leather Overknee and Thigh High Boots. There were already thousands of suppliers for latex or PU boots at that time. Very soon we know that we wanted to create our own boots and so we sat down and started drawing the first designs.  After another 4 weeks, we found the right company, which had the know how and the equipment to produce high quality boots. 

Meanwhile, it was January 2008, the company was founded and the first two models were finished. So we where ready to place our first order. Now we had to think about a brand name under which we wanted to sell our boots. It took just one meeting and we created AROLLO as brand name.  The next step was to open an Ebay account. Starting from zero with not a rating was really tough. AROLLO Fans know, sometime in August 2008 we sold our very first pair of AROLLO Overknee Boots.

This was the beginning of a story of success, and next year we celebrate our 15th anniversary. AROLLO became a well known brand for Overknee and Thigh High Boots far beyond Europe, and is still growing.

Let´s go for the next 15 years, and continue to make some AROLLO History.



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