The fascination of male dominance

male dominance

Two weeks ago, we dealt with the fascination of female dominance. Today we want to turn the tables and dedicate ourselves to the fascination of male dominance.

What is it, the fascination of male dominance?

Well, there are different starting points. One of them is certainly in evolutionary biology. Women are naturally programmed to look for a strong man. A man who provides her with all the necessary things of life, protects and cares for offspring. A dominant man gives security. And that’s what attracts a lot of women. They know, here I am protected and can drop me. Even though women are now independent and successful in working life, these aspects remain upright.

Of course, these facts can also be transferred to the sexual. A dominant man conveys adventure and is preferred to the restrained character. That’s why dominant men are so successful at conquest. They are in an upscale position in professional life, earning more than average, showing where to go. The dominant man should not be confused with the classic ripper. The dominant man, or even alpha man, is confident, always ahead and will never start a cheap call . He is charming, never hurtful and straightforward. Sometimes even reluctant when it comes to direct conquest.

The fact that many successful women, who also have to be dominant in their profession, also likes to be led in bed, is known to the dominant man. Clumsy exploited, he does not do this. He is educated, always anxious to develop, and also a very good listener. Through his constant “work on himself” he has a high level of knowledge over time and can provide solutions to a wide variety of problems. With all these advantages, but also dominant men have their weaknesses.

Is a dominant man the right partner for life or just the judge for a quick adventure?

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