Special boots care in winter

Boots care for Winter

Boots care in winter is very important. Rain, snow and dirt are poison for genuine leather boots. If you take the trouble to look after your boots, you will have a lot of them.

In addition to our Boot Facts find out here in five steps how to take care of your genuine leather boots professional:

  1. Clean your boots thoroughly. Use a try cloth. Watch carefully for little stones, they can scratch the leather. Especially for boots made of  smooth leather, like AROLLO Boots are made of, you can use also a saddle soap with sponge.
  2. After the rough dirt was removed, be sure to let the boots dry well. But never dry them too fast. Never place them in front of a radiator and please do not use a hair dryer. If the boots are very wet inside, you can put some old newspaper into the foot area. Use stretchers for the boots shaft and open the zipper to get more air circulation.
  3. After the boots are completely dry you can go on with creaming in the boots. Use greasy cream products, they make the leather softer, shiny and more elastic. For AROLLO Boots we recommend transparent shoe polish.
  4. After you are done with creaming in the boots, you should polishing them immediately before the shoe cream is drying out. Polish the shoe polish with little pressure and as quickly as possible. That makes the leather shining again.
  5. After you are done with polishing you should waterproof the boots.

We will recommend to you, to read all instructions for use of all products you buy for boots care.


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