Sexy Boots by AROLLO

Sexy boots

Sexy boots – isn’t everyone looking for them? But what is making a boot sexy? The material, the design or the heels? Well, it´s all of it!!

There are so many different boots on the market that there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. Starting from skin tight super sexy shiny latex boots to faux leather and the high quality genuine leather boots, everything is available. As you know, we at Arollo have decided to design and distribute only boots made of high quality genuine leather. Genuine leather has the benefit to match all different needs. No matter if you need the boots for a hot Fetish Party or just for an exclusive dinner with your love, the boots will always match to your occasion.

Sexy boots

Over the past decade, we’ve designed some really hot boots that have made so many women around the world feel extra sexy and desirable. Not for nothing we have models such as Queen and Princess. We think every woman should feel like a queen or princess once in a while. Both models have the classic tight cut, and are made of the best leather. For Ladies who prefer the simple look we recommend the Overknee Queen. The round toe matches perfect with the 13cm High Heel. This Overknees are your best companion when the occasion calls for an elegant outfit. For an erotic occasion, the Princess Overknees are the boots to have. With 4cm Plateau and 14cm High Heel they come in a totally sexy way.

Both styles, Queen and Princess are available as Thigh High version as well. Especially the Thigh High (Crotch) Princess are known as one of the highest boots you can buy online. The shaft of the boots reaches way up your thigh and make looking your legs growing into the sky.

Well, are you ready for your first pair of sexy boots? Than just go ahead and drop by at our online store.


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