Pros and cons of high heel boots

pros and cons

Today we will take a look at the pros and cons of high heel boots. You all know that AROLLO is known for some of the hottest high heel Thigh High and Overknee Boot on earth. But what are the real pros and cons by wearing high heels?

Let´s first take a look at the pros:

  • High Heels and specially High Heel Thigh High boots make your legs appear longer and your body leaner.
  • They’re also good for your calves as the muscle in your calves has to work and exercise more because of the position of the foot.
  • The wearer of high heels is believed to be very self-confident.
  • High heels exude a certain amount of eroticism.
  • Women in high-heeled boots can be sure that other people will notice them and get admiring glances.
  • You do have a better posture by wearing High Heel Boots
  • High Heels are so versatile to use – Your style is elegant, or sexy or wicked? Just combine your high heels depending on the situation

Now let´s take a look at the cons:

  • Some of them can be painful to wear
  • Sometimes difficult to walk
  • in long term use (every day for several hours) they can cause foot problems like hammertoes and/or shorten your Achilles
  • you should not drive in High Heels – therefore it is necessary to have a second pair of shoes.

If you have to wear High Heels in long term use because of your profession, we would like to give you some tips: 

  • Once you are at home go barefoot
  • Stretch your legs for at least 5 Minutes
  • If your feet hurt bad use pain gel or Arnica
  • give your feet some time to recover
  • wear flats at home

At AROLLO, we have paid special attention to the foot area in all of our boots. Our High Heels are just a little bit wider than others ( in the millimeter range). In this way, they offer your foot a little more space inside, without making this visible from the outside. We received so many positive reviews from Ladies from the Fetish business, who all have to wear High Heels in long term, that they love our boots because of their wearing comfort.


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