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pole dance shoes

Pole dance shoes or pole dance in general is our topic today. The word Pole dance describes the dance on a pole. The fixed bar enables a form of sport and dance that is offered in many courses these days. In the circus, pole dance was and is always one of the highlights of the respective programs. The athletes create figures seemingly weightless. And all that with muscle power and contact pressure.


The early form of pole dance was originally practiced in Asia as early as the 12th century. Back then almost exclusively by men. They used bars and stakes to exercise their bodies. This resulted in several further developments. Among other things, Chinese Pole. Several men work their way through a freestyle on the bar, which requires great physical strength and endurance.

The first women on the pole dance pole were spotted in various traveling circuses in the USA at the beginning of the 20th century. From then on it was not far to today’s classic striptease bar. With striptease, the bar serves as a useful accessory that is integrated into the lascivious stripping of clothes. In the 1980s, the already very high popularity of pole dancing in the USA spilled over to Europe. Striptease bars and clubs sprang up everywhere.

Today, however, pole dancing is no longer associated only with striptease bars in dark backyards. Rather, this form of movement has established itself as a whole-body workout. Pole dancing uses and trains as many muscles as there are few other sports. Especially the upper body and the area around the pelvis are strengthened. So it’s no surprise that there are more and more studios around the world that focus purely on this sport. In the meantime, professional competitions are even taking place. The international pole dance federation tries to get the recognition of the Olympic committee for the official recognition of this sport.


In addition to the bar itself, which is mostly made of polished material or cast, it is primarily about clothing and footwear. It is in the nature of things that bare skin adheres better to a polished rod. This prevents uncontrolled sliding on the rod. For beginners in particular, it is therefore advisable not to wear any clothing on the legs and very little clothing for the upper body. If you are a little more advanced, the outfit can be supplemented individually, depending on the occasion.

In the erotic area, i.e. for a striptease, Overknee boots are of course also suitable. However, you should make sure that the boots are made of real leather. Real leather is also a skin and adheres very well to the smoothly polished rod. Overknee boots made of leather are widely used in “Exotic Pole Dance”. A particularly erotic form of dance on the pole. There is also a wide range of exotic pole shoes and table dance shoes.

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