Overknee Boots

Overknee Boots

Overknee boots is not only a technical term for boots that reach just above the knee, but are also associated with many questions. We will turn to the most important questions today.

How long should Overknees are?

As the name suggests, Overknees are boots whose shaft reaches above the knee. To achieve the best visual effect, the boot shaft should reach at least 10-15cm above the knee. Ideally, the shaft ends at the narrowest part of the thigh. This way you achieve the best visual effect and the legs look graceful.

At what time of year can you wear Overknees?

In principle, Overknees are footwear for the whole year. Even if you see them more often in autumn and winter, there are models that can be worn just as well in spring and summer. Especially in the colder season you have the advantage of the long boot shaft to be well protected against wind and cold temperatures. And what will fit better than Overknees for a hot Summer Party?

What fits best with Overknee Boots?

Well, it depends on the occasion. Let’s stay with the example that Overknees are worn in everyday life, in public. For such occasions, it is important to hold back on the rest of the outfit. Long-sleeved blouses are just as suitable as, for example, a turtleneck sweater. Simply important is not to show too much skin. Skin is shown at the legs and that’s enough for everyday life when you combine Overknees with a short skirt. Of course, Jeans will work always.

Who can wear Overknees?

Simply answer: Everyone!!! As long as you combine the boots tastefully and with style, anyone can wear Overknees. There is also no age limit.

How do I prevent the boot shaft from sliding down?

The easiest way to prevent the boots shaft from sliding down is if the lining is made of leather. If you then put on the Overknees without tights, i.e. on the bare skin, they hold like glued on. For boots with lining other than leather, this question is already a little more difficult to answer. Some Ladies glue foam strips on the inside of the boots, some a anti slip mat. So if you want to achieve the perfect look, you should pay a little closer attention to the quality. This does not end with the upper material, but continues into the interior of the boot shaft.

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