News Update – Miss Alessa Milano

News Update

Today we give you a news update on our Arollo Boots family member Alessa Milano. Back in May 2021 Miss Alessa Milano joined the Arollo Boots Family. Since then, the partnership between Arollo and Miss Alessa Milano growth steadily. She is a woman you can count on.  Nowadays, it is rare to find  partners who stick to agreements made. With Miss Alessa Milano it is something different. She not only keeps to the agreements, she does much more than that. Again and again she lets us share her passion for Thigh High boots. Numerous photo and video shootings were made in the past two years. Thereby our Arollo boots were often used. The fact that Alessa can only work with photographers she trusts 100% has a rather unusual reason.

News Update

As a deaf model in the erotic and fetish scene. Yes, Alessa Milano is a deaf model and at the beginning of her career, she was concerned about how photographers will react when they find out that she is deaf. Even if the shooting itself then everything goes as if by itself, it still requires a detailed discussion in advance. Since the communication with a deaf model is sometimes a little more difficult. All her worries about this have long since vanished into thin air. Working with professional photographers and people who approach their work with an open mind has strengthened her self-confidence. Mutual respect contributes to the success of a shooting, as well as passion and joy in the work. The resulting encouragement for one’s own person then sets in of its own accord.

Alessa Milano is always evolving. Her pleasure in photography is increasing more and more. Initial worries about her “being different” have long since faded. She designs your work in the fetish and BDSM area more and more flexible and has also found your pleasure in the role of the dominant person.

Inspiration for others

Not to be discouraged by a handicap is a life motto of Alessa Milano. Through her self-confident appearance and her committed actions, she is an inspiration for other people who have to live with a similar handicap. We are proud to have her in our boot family and look forward to sharing our passion for Thigh High and Overknee boots with Miss Alessa Milano also in the future.

Winner of the 100% Cash Back promotion from March

We still owe you the winner of the March action. Among all orders received and completed in March 2023, we have drawn a winner who has received 100% of her purchase back. We have chosen one lady from Austria at random, excluding the legal process. The winner is now all the more happy about her free pair of AROLLO Overknee Boots Queen. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who ordered in March. At the same time, we would like to invite all those who did not win to participate in our April survey. This time every participant wins! You can get all the information here:

Miss Alessa Milano – News Update




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