New Domain –

New Domain

From today, July 15th 2021 we use the new domain for our Online Shop. It replaces the old one from now on. Back in the early days of AROLLO, once we decided to start your own Online Shop to make us Independent from Amazon and eBay, we did not knew how international AROLLO will become. So we decided for Two main problems quickly emerged. First, the brand name Arollo was missing. Second, the German word “Stiefel” did not fit well for international customers.

For years we feared a domain change for the known reasons. How long will it take until we do have the same ranking at Google as before? Will people find our shop, same as before? How about all our Social accounts with theirs connections to our old domain? And so on and so on. But now, time has come to take the risk and see the chance which is in the domain change.

For all Customers, Fans, Followers and all people who type in directly will nothing change. They all will be automatically forwarded to the new domain. This also applies to all posts that have been published on social media in the past. If someone clicks on the old domain, they will be automatically redirected to the new one. So from this point of view we have implemented all the technical requirements so that nothing changes for a visitor to our shop.

We know it can take Google a few months to get to know and check our new domain. But we are sure after that it will be at least two steps forward.

To all who have linked our Shop we would like to ask you to change the old link to the new domain Thank you in advance. 

OLD:                    NEW: 



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