Mistress Alegra – new in the AROLLO Boots Family

Mistress Alegra

Mistress Alegra – first new member in the Arollo Boots Family in July. But not just that, she is also the first TS Lady in our Family, which we warmly welcome. Already in 2017 Mistress Alegra bought her first pair of AROLLO Boots. She chooses the Thigh High Boots Princess and that, because of a certain reason. With a height of 186 cm and endless legs, the extra long Princess are exactly the right boots. So this was the beginning of a 5 year long bond with AROLLO.

Mistress Alegra is living in the Zurich area in wonderful Switzerland. The mid-forties lady has a lot of experience with her for over 20 years as a fetish model and a dominatrix. Her passion for leather boots came form the time as she co – leaded a Fetish Boutique in Zurich. She self is calling her a real Boots Lady with endless legs and loves to wear Overknee and Thigh High Boots throughout the year. Whether for private ventures or for professional reasons, boots are often part of the outfit.

Once we asked her, why she is such a big AROLLO Fan, she told us that thees are 4 main reasons:

  • super comfortable to wear
  • top quality and very good workmanship
  • In contrast to cheap models from other providers, I can wear Arollo boots for a long time without getting pain anywhere
  • Design speaks to me

Of course we also wanted to know on what occasions she wears AROLLO Boots:

  • Photo shootings
  • Private everyday life and when going out
  • Sessions with my guests
  • It’s amazing and beautiful at the same time how many men like beautiful boots on sexy long women’s legs and how they then react to them.
  • I enjoy seduction, active (sessions) or passive (in my free time in public) when I wear (Arollo) boots and feel the looks (in my back).
  • An elegant pair of (Arollo) boots is simply a must have for every self-confident lady with style, class and elegance who feels comfortable in her own skin.

We are so happy and grateful to have Mistress Alegra in our boots family and wish her many more wonderful and successful sessions with her AROLLO Boots. If you want to know more about her visit www.mistress-alegra.com



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