Merry Christmas 2021 from AROLLO

Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas 2021 from AROLLO. Oh man, another year is gone. Faster than the one before. Last year at this time we thought we will leave the Corona Virus 2021 behind us. We were all wrong. The new Omicron type of the virus brings us all back to the typical Corona requirements. So it´s not much different to 2020.  The same applies: Celebrate Christmas only with your Family in small groups. Get tested before Christmas Eve. Take care of others. Be vaccinated. Keep distance.

Last year at this point we have been optimistic to return to normal in 2021. Today we just can not be so optimistic. No one knows what is next. Anyway we should not hang our heads. Some of us have to rearrange or adapt our lives, privately and especially in business, more because of the virus, some of us less. It looks like something is going to change forever. But let´s see what´s coming up and let´s make the best out of it.

Thank you

Again this year, you, as our customer, friends and fans helped us through this tough time so well. We thank you for ordering on our Online Shop and not on Amazon or eBay. Every single order on our shop means a lot to us. Because it shows us your trust. And we deal with it very responsibly and humbly.

It is also our obligation to thank all our business partners, brand ambassadors and members of the AROLLO Boots Family. It cannot be taken for granted that so many of you take the AROLLO brand out into the whole world with great pleasure. Thank you for that, from the bottom of our hearts.

To all of you: We wish you and your family, your friends Merry Christmas 2021. Stay safe and healthy and look forward to 2022.

Your AROLLO Team


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