Matriarch Ezada Sinn – new member in the AROLLO Boots Family

Matriarch Ezada Sinn

Matriarch Ezada Sinn from Bucharest is the newest member in the AROLLO Boots Family. Some days ago AROLLO received an E-Mail by  Matriarch Ezada Sinn which we don´t want to keep from you. She wrote:

Dear AROLLO, I have one superb pair of custom made AROLLO boots:

I am well known for the thousands of fetish & BDSM fem dom clips I have starred in and produced over the last 8 years. With my clips I hope to encourage people to embrace their kinks in an unapologetic and tolerant way. There is no shame in having fantasies and, as long they are between consenting adults, nothing is off limits. For the last 2 years i took my approach one step further and i opened my only fans page to offer all my fans (devotees, as I like to call them) a place to feel closer to me. And to experience, as much as possible, an authentic female-led relationship with a true Matriarch.

Everyone who follows me knows about my huge passion for tight over-the-knee leather boots.

Last year Miss Tess visited Me at the House of Sinn in Bucharest. I saw her wearing this amazing pair of tight leather boots with colored soles. She told me they are made by Arollo and that they are very comfortable.

My calves are strong, and most ready-made leather boots are too tight or do not fit at all. I was very happy to see that Arollo offers custom fitting. So, i showed them to Sit, my live-in chattel – a huge boot-lover as well. And he offered to buy me the pair i choose. I placed the order and, sooner than expected, got a new, superb pair of leather boots added to my collection. They fit perfectly and, after wearing them several times, they also became very comfortable. The best thing about real leather footwear is that, in time, it takes the shape of your foot. Providing they are well made to start with, after breaking in they are very comfortable even in very high heels.

Being often in front of the camera requires an extensive fetish wardrobe and it gives me an excuse to indulge in my fetish for leather exquisite designer boots. I always prefer quality over quantity. That´s why i prefer to invest in real leather boots, beautifully designed and unique. Boots that fit me well and will help achieve the image i want. It’s difficult to be glamorous and dominant in a pair of boots that are cheap and so uncomfortable that one can barely walk in. Surely this pair of Arollo emphasis my beauty and dominance. Don’t you think so?”

Best regards,

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