Magical Christmas at Arollo

Celebrate your personal magical Christmas

A magical Christmas is just around the corner.

It was a cold December night in a tranquil village in snow-covered Tyrol. Christmas was just around the corner. The streets were covered in a soft veil of fresh snow and the festively decorated houses glowed warmly in the light of the lanterns. The small workshop of the local shoemaker was bustling with activity. The master shoemaker was known for his handmade boots, which he produced with great attention to detail.

On this particular evening, he was in the process of making a pair of boots that he had designed for the festive Christmas season. However, these boots were not ordinary – they were over-the-knee boots, elegant and fashionable at the same time. The cobbler had designed them in a deep burgundy red and decorated them with fine details.

While he was working on the boots, you could hear the soft tinkling of bells outside. It was the Christmas market, which was in full swing. People were streaming through the alleyways in search of presents and the festive atmosphere. Among them was Lisa, a young woman who was lured by the enticing lights and the smell of cinnamon cookies.


Lisa entered the shoemaker’s workshop because she wanted to have a pair of mountain boots resoled. Her eyes fell on the stunning Overknee boots lying on the workbench. She could hardly believe her eyes – she had always wanted boots like these.

The master noticed Lisa’s interest and smiled kindly. “Good evening, young lady! How can I help you?”

Lisa explained that she had been dreaming of boots like these for a long time, but had never found the perfect pair. The cobbler listened attentively and seemed to understand. He pointed to the Overknee boots and said: “How about these? They’re unique and made for the festive season.”

Scarcely able to contain her happiness, Lisa agreed enthusiastically. The shoemaker finished the final touches to the boots and handed them to Lisa with a smile. “I wish you a Merry Christmas and hope that these boots will bring you a lot of joy.”

Lisa thanked her warmly and left the workshop, proudly presenting the Overknee boots. As she walked through the wintry streets of the village, she felt like a princess in her very own winter fairy tale.

And so ended the story of the Overknee boots from our Tyrolean shoemaker, which not only warmed Lisa’s heart, but also made the festive atmosphere in the village that little bit more magical.

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