Lady Elektra – newest member in the AROLLO boots family

Lady Elektra

Again we can introduce you to a new Lady from the AROLLO boots family. It is a very special pleasure for us to welcome Lady Elektra from Germany.
With Lady Elektra we have found a partner who has adapted very quickly to the philosophy of AROLLO. We are excited about our first cooperation.
To learn more about the person Lady Elektra we had the following interview:

Hello, Lady Elektra, it’s great that you have time to speak with us about your person and also about AROLLO.

On your website you find, among other things, also a saying of Friedrich Nietzsche. Where does your relation to philosophy come from?

Well, by the way, I’m glad that you’ve read my website, I’m trying to make this website really interesting and up-to-date, then you’ve probably read that I’m a trained actress. The confrontation with classical dramas and other stage materials have really fueled my latent interest in philosophy.

The artist name Lady Elektra comes from Greek mythology – can you tell us more about that – how did you get that name?

Homer reports that the king of Mycenae, Agamemnon, was murdered on his return from Troy by his wife Clytemnestra and her lover Agistos. Elektra, Agamemnon’s daughter, then made the vendetta with her brother Orestes and killed her mother and the lover Agistos. For me’ Elektra’ is at the same time a loving and passionate, but also a strong, consistent and cruel personality. This fits wonderfully with the role that I fill in a BDSM session.

When did you decide to go your own way professionally – or what was the trigger for your current job?

(Laughs) usually you hear that I was already dominant at the school and knew how to wrap all the guys around the finger. And then at some point I made my profession out of my hobby. (Laugh again) No it was not like that for me. During my work as an actress, I had to accept that I was always offered only the roles of strong women personalities. When I complained about it, I got the feedback more and more: Man, do not you get it, you’re the born dominatrix. At some point I understood what directors and colleagues meant and went to the bottom of this challenge. They were right.

How can one imagine a session with you?

I am a classic dominatrix. This means that I am untouchable during the session. I work very intensively on the emotional and the psychological level. In particular, I like to use hypnosis. And of course all the classic tools and toys that go with it. Incidentally, I recommend anyone interested in actually visiting my website. There are many suggestions and testimonials …

You are a self-confessed leather lover. That brings us straight to the question – how did you get to Arollo – what made you aware of us?

For me, Overknee Boots are an insignia of power. Historically they come from the military. It is the officer’s classic boot, for example, from the Thirty Years’ War. This contrast, that as a petite woman I wear a classic soldier boots, which of course is very feminine staged, is for me very erotic. I realize that even on my guests, who often seem to be attracted by the Thigh High Boots in a seemingly inexplicable way.

What do you like most about our products?

I see, and meanwhile I also feel, how high-quality and how much love for the material your products are processed. For a boot is also the lining important, how the foot feels and whether you have good grip. I can wear my first boot, the AROLLO Princess model, for hours without my feet getting tired or even hurting. As for the effect on my guests, I am very excited myself. The first photo, with these very erotic boots that I posted on Twitter, had over 200 likes in no time. I think that speaks for itself.

For our first collaboration, you have chosen the extra-long Thigh High Boots Princess – can you tell us what is so special about this Boots?

For many, a platform sole is especially erotic because the lady in it is even bigger. For me it has a slightly mundane reason. In the case of platform soles, the difference in height between bale and verse is usually not too extreme, so that these boots can be worn longer and more comfortably. In addition, this model sits perfectly on my legs. And the height of the shaft is just extreme. Certainly not a boot for everyday life, but the very special boots for a very special moment.

Do you have any explanation why many people find leather to be particularly erotic?

Yes, I’ve already thought about it a lot. I think leather feels like a skin. Since it comes from organic material, it almost becomes part of the body, of the person who wears the leather. This is especially true for nappa leather. In addition, I feel black as particularly erotic. Black nappa leather, which has a pleasant feel, clings to the body and after a while also takes on the body temperature, is certainly not only for me the absolute super skin.

Can you imagine to wear the one or the other style from our collection also in everyday life?

Yes of course. Even now, I occasionally wear Overknee Boots, for example, when I go out elegantly in the evening. One of my best friends enjoys it a lot. Unfortunately, sometimes I have the feeling that he is a little distracted by the enjoyment of the dinner or the theater performance. But I do not mind.-)

How would you combine our boots for everyday use?

My favorite is to combine Overknee Boots, which are about a hand’s breadth over the knee, with black tights and a very wide and extra long wool sweater. The cuddly sweater has something girlish and stands in a delightful contrast to the boots, which are known to have a military origin.

Dear Lady Elektra, thank you very much for this very interesting conversation. I think I am beginning to understand the fascination you exert on your guests.


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