Lady Annabelle – Comeback of the year

Lady Annabelle, Comeback of the year 2024

Some of you will remember when we first introduced to you Lady Annabelle as new member of the Arollo Boots Family. That was in 6 years ago!!! Now she is back with an brand new Website, new content and new pictures. After some years of absence from the social media, Lady Annabelle returned this year with even more power, eroticism and passion.

Lady Annabelle and Arollo Boots

In June 2018 we had the pleasure to welcome Lady Annabelle to the Arollo Boots Family. As you know, all our hardcore fans are united in the Arollo Boots Family. Ladies who not only see Arollo boots as work wear, but also appreciate and love the value of our creations. Annabelle was trapped from the moment she got her first Arollo Boots. The Arollo Thigh High Boots ANNA2 has been her choice.  They fit her like a second skin, and so it was only logical the we added her to the 2019 edition of the Arollo Boots Calendar. Years went by, and Lady Annabelle decided for a brack from social media. So we lost sight of each other. Not knowing what happened to her was not a good feeling.

Comeback and new collaboration

In spring 2024 Lady Annabelle returned to the world of social media with an brand new Website. We became aware of her activities, and got back in touch. For our new collaboration she received a pair of our Thigh High Boots ANNA2 Special Edition. She immediately fell in love with these boots and went to a photo shoot in her new Arollos. Boots with extreme High Heels and Plateaus are just her favorite ones. And these boots are simply unbeatable in this area.

As written above, Lady Annabelle returned with an brand new Website and a new social media account on X. Just drop by and get all information you need. Arollo has also been given its  own space on her new website. We would like to thank her for this. It means a lot to us, and confirms that our boots have a special effect on many of our customers.

Comeback of the year



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