Ivana Bedini – new in the AROLLO Boots Family

Ivana Bedini

We continue with Ivana Bedini as new member in the AROLLO Boots Family. That AROLLO is an international well known brand, you all know meanwhile. But sometimes we are surprised at how well known AROLLO is. Sure, we deliver our boots worldwide. And in the past 12 years also in countries, far away from our head quarter in Austria. For many years we do have customers in Australia, China, USA, Canada, all over Europe and some from Central America. South America was the part of the world where we really only delivered single couples in the past. Until now!!!

Ivana Bedini is our first Lady from the fashion scene who lives in Argentina. She studied history and loves fashion more than anything. Her clothing style ranges from very elegant to highly erotic. For our first collaboration she decided to promote the AROLLO Long Overknee Boots Victoria. Wich are still one of the top selling Thigh High Boots in our collection. In her first photo shooting for AROLLO she used different outfits. It was easy for her to combine these wonderful leather boots with a leather jacket, a nice sweater or a hot body that simply brings out her hot curves perfectly.

With Ivana Bedini we are sure that AROLLO boots will become even better known in South America. All these wonderful countries with their wonderful people deserve boots that are as unique as South America. If you want to find out more about Ivana Bedini visit her at Instagram. For more information about AROLLO´s to selling Thigh High Boots Victoria, just click here.

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First collaboration with Ivana:


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