Hot Boots – Summer in AROLLO Boots

Hot Boots

Hot Boots in summer? Yes!! Why not!!! In Central Europe this years summer is a little bit less hot than the ones before. It cools down particularly at night. Temperatures are dropping and the ladies in summer dresses shiver. But not when you are wearing Hot Boots in combination with your summer outfit. Especially Thigh High and Crotch Boots will keep your legs warm. These boots are covering almost the whole leg and if the boots are made of genuine leather the better they protect against lower temperatures. The leather saves a comfortable temperature through body heat alone.

This huge advantage provide all genuine leather boots from AROLLO. In our collection you will find a wide variety of real leather boots. From High Heel to Low Heel boots, from Plateau boots to boots without plateau, form pointed toe to round toe boots. There is something for every taste in our online shop. Just drop by at and have a look at our Hot Boots.

Now, in the middle of August, summer is reaching its peak. But, especially in Central Europe, Autumn is just few weeks away. Soon are gone the days with 30 degrees Celsius and Autumn will bring lower temperatures. So now is the best time to choose the right boots for autumn. The choice is now the largest.


On July 15th 2021 we changed our Online Shop Domain from into just a month we can say that the risk was worth it. But it will take a few more months until we reach the number of daily users we had before the changeover. Again we ask all who have linked out Shop to the old Domain, please change it into the new one Thank you in advance.

Hot Boots – Summer in AROLLO Boots by Bijoux Chocolate, Lady La Trisha, and Frank Marstokk Photography :





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