Granate Vienna – new in the AROLLO Boots Family

Granate Vienna

Continuing with the newest member in the AROLLO Boots Family: Granate Vienna – a Lady who loves to wear Crotch Boots daily and for any occasion.  She has nothing to do with the BDSM scene – so you can say, she´s a Lady next door.

Born in Kazakhstan, the 44 year old Granate Vienna life today with her husband and 3 sons in Vienna. Lady Granate Vienna is high educated. Two studies completed, University of Applied Sciences for District Heating Technology, as well as Finance (Bachelor). In addition, she was trained as a massage therapist in China.

She have always had the urge to dress differently than the majority in her Muslim home country. Thigh High Boots (patent and imitation leather) and short dresses have always been in her wardrobe, but it wasn’t until she met her husband that she tried real leather boots.

While surfing through the internet, searching for high quality leather Thigh High Boots, she found AROLLO and saw that this is an Austrian Brand. Because of her passion for very long Boots she quickly came to the Thigh High Boots Princess, AROLLO provides on theirs Online Shop. Those Boots provides a extra long boots shaft, which fits perfect to her body length of 177cm. The material and workmanship quality differs significantly from other providers in the net, was her review once she had worn those boots for the first time.

Some month later Granate Vienna dropped by at our Blog and she found out that AROLLO is always looking for new faces to promote theirs boots. So she sent out an a candidature to us, to be a new member at the AROLLO Boots Family. It was no question, that we will add her to our boots family.  In order to emphasize her long legs even better, we decided on the new AROLLO Thigh High Boots Eve.  Just few days after receiving the boots, we received pictures taken from a shooting in our Thigh High Boots. Also a Video came along and we will publish in few days on your YouTube channel.

Working with Granate Vienna was such an out of the ordinary experience. In the meantime, it is unfortunately rare for women to stick to the agreements. Different is Granate Vienna. And that deserves the utmost respect. We from AROLLO would like to say thank you at this point, we are looking forward to a second collaboration this autumn.

If you want to see more of  Granate Vienna go tho her Instagram profile __granate_vienna__

Pictures from the first collaboration:



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