Goddess Leta – new in the AROLLO Boots Family

Goddess Leta

Goddess Leta is the newest member in the Arollo Boots Family. And she is the last one we introduce to you in 2022. During 2022 we has been so lucky to welcome many new members and we will continue next year. Goddess Leta came along our social media accounts while searching for extraordinary boots. As a Lady with style and high self confidence, boots must be from noble design, high quality and of genuine leather of course. So it was only natural that she ended up at Arollo at some point in her search.

First collaboration

When her request to collaborate reached us via Instagram, it was immediately clear to us that Goddess Leta would be a 100% fit for Arollo. She embodies style, class and eroticism like not many Ladies in the Fetish Scene. And that also fits our philosophy. Once again we can show that Thigh High Boots are not only made for bed. And certainly not the ones from Arollo. Goddess Leta chose one of our best-selling Thigh High Boots: The AROLLO Thigh High Boots Queen. Since years this Thigh High Boots are in the top three of our best seller. High quality genuine leather nestles against your leg, the slim cut ensures little drape and the simple design simply convinces.Walking on the 13cm high heels is easy and yet safe. This allows a hidden small platform at a height of 2.5cm. With the AROLLO Thigh High Boots Queen you receive boots which are usable for any occasion.

Become a member in the AROLLO Boots Family

If you want to become a member in the Arollo Boots Family and receive some advantages same like Goddess Leta and many others, just send us your request over e-Mail to arollboots@gmail.com The only thing you need to bring is a passion for quality leather boots. Everything else will come by itself. If you want to know more about Goddess Leta visit her on her Instagram account  https://www.instagram.com/Goddess.Leta/

Pictures form our first collaboration:


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