Foxy Boots – new in the Arollo Boots Family

Foxy Boots new in the Arollo Boots Family

Foxy Boots is our newest member in the Arollo Boots Family. Known for her passion for Boots, which she is shares with her fans on Social Media Platforms, she works hard and produce a lot of contend about her enthusiasm.

Foxy Boots has had a passion for boots, heels and for leather fashion more generally (everything from biker jackets to exquisite handbags) since she was a little girl, stealing boots from her mom and trying them on. She loves to share her passion and her delight with fans and new viewers on YouTube and Instagram. She has a quite extraordinary collection of boots of all lengths, colors and styles, which includes many fine designer pairs and some unique pieces

Foxy Boots and Arollo Boots

About two years ago, she received a pair of AROLLO Overknee Boots Queen as a gift from a fan. The video she published on YouTube shows her unpacking and putting on the new Arollo boots. With over 150,000 views, it is one of the most successful publications. Due to this great success, we decided to intensify our cooperation with the new Arollo Thigh High Boots Rachel. 

This brand new red genuine leather Thigh High Boots has been the absolutely right choice to bring out the elegance and tasteful style of Foxy Boots. The beautiful boots were skillfully staged during a winter outdoor shoot. To match the cold and wet weather, she combined our boots with shiny black leggings and black gloves. A red turtleneck sweater, a red coat and a red umbrella completed the outfit.

Get in touch with Foxy Boots

You can visit Foxy Boots for more content at her YouTube Channel FoxyBoots&Fashion and on Instagram. Especially women who are not sure how to combine Overknee and Thigh High Boots will find valuable tips here to make their own Overknees suitable for everyday wear.



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