Fake Shops – be aware of

Fake Shop

Unfortunately, there are fake shops for almost all products. Recently, brand shoes from a wide variety of manufacturers and designers have increasingly been offered in fake shops. Unfortunately, it is to be feared that we at Arollo are not immune to these criminal machinations either. In this article we would like to show you briefly and factually how to recognize fake shops and what they all have in common. In addition, there are unmistakable features at AROLLO by which you can recognize whether you have landed on a fake offer or not.

What do all fake shops have in common:

  • incredibly cheap prices – all offered items are on sale and incredibly cheap
  • missing imprint
  • Bad spelling
  • Most of the time you receive the wrong goods or no goods at all after you have placed and payed your order
  • Payment possible only against prepayment to a bank account – they do not offer PayPal or Credit Cards as payment method

Features of AROLLO that protect you from fake offers:

  • we design all our boots models by our self – no one other except us has the possibility to offer the same models we do
  • we sell our collection only at three trading platforms: At our own Online Shop, eBay and Amazon – on any trading platform we offer the same price
  • all our boots are made of genuine leather in high quality – It is therefore clear that our products have a corresponding price
  • if you see offers which are way cheaper than the offers at the above noted trading platforms – then you landed on a fake offer
  • If you order in a fake shop, you will not receive any AROLLO boots with 100% certainty

There are some Platforms in any country on the internet which provides information about Fake offers and Fake Shops. Here in Austria www.watchlist-internet.at is one of them. They report current warnings, have a list of Fake Shops and much more.

We would like to repeat once again: Be suspicious of conspicuously low-priced offers, regardless of the product range, and find out more about the provider. 



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