Easter 2020, Corona and AROLLO

Easter 2020

Easter 2020 is just around the corner and nothing is as we are used to. There is no doubt that Easter 2020 this year will be different. Due to the current situation around the Corona Virus, we will probably have to do without large family gatherings. Even going to church to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus is canceled. There is a good reason for all of this: To slow down the spread of the virus, to protect our older people in a special way and to prevent an overload of the health system.

We at AROLLO also strictly adhere to the requirements of the government and experts.
Nevertheless, we have succeeded and will continue to maintain our service. Actually, nothing has changed at AROLLO since the drastic measures against the virus began. Our offers and services are available as normal. As usual, each order is dispatched within one working day. Good communication ensures that customers are always aware of the status of your order.

At AROLLO we are very confident that together we will weather this crisis well. Our special thanks go to everyone who maintains the system during this time. They often push themselves to the limit. All doctors, nursing staff, police officers, civil servants, soldiers, employees in the supermarket, simply to all system maintainers, a big thank you.
So we stick together, stay at home and, above all, stay (or become) healthy.

Despite everything, AROLLO wishes Happy Easter 2020


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