Crotch Boots Princess by Arollo

Crotch Boots

The genuine leather Crotch Boots Princess came into our collection years ago. At that time, our goal was to create boots that reach as far up the crotch as possible. The result was impressive. From the beginning, these boots were a sales success, and still are today. Over the years, we have always implemented minor improvements to the boots. So that today we can say that the Crotch Boots Princess are unique on the market in terms of appearance, design and especially the wearing comfort.

Princess Boots by Arollo

  • Arollo´s longest Boots – shaft length between 76cm and 84cm
  • available in size EU 37 – 44
  • made of genuine leather
  • beige non slippery sole
  • 14,5cm High Heel
  • 4cm Plateau
  • more details here

More about Crotch Boots…

Crotch boots, are an unusual and bold fashion statement that has captivated the fashion world for decades. As the name suggests, these boots reach to the crotch, which makes them one of the most daring variants. On the side, these boots guarantee the wearer an increased attention.

Crotch boots have a long history: originally they were a useful accessory for horse riders and later for performers in various stage productions. Over time, they entered the realm of haute couture and became increasingly popular due to their unique ability to exude sensuality and confidence.

Today, it is impossible to imagine the wardrobe of fashion-conscious and, above all, self-confident people without crotch boots. They come in a wide range of styles, materials and heel heights. The Crotch Boots by Arollo are probably one of the more daring designs. But properly combined, these boots will make the wearer the star of any event

While ceorch can be an eye-catching addition to any ensemble, they require careful styling to avoid looking too provocative. They are often paired with short skirts, dresses or oversized sweaters for a chic and balanced look. When worn correctly, crotch boots can be a versatile and bold choice that allows the wearer to express her individuality and confidence in a unique way.

Arollo Crotch Boots Princess


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