Chiara Bianchino – New in the AROLLO Boots Family

Chiara Bianchino

It was in February when AROLLO received an application from Chiara Bianchino. Since we did not had a collaboration with an Italian Model by then, and the pictures Chiara Bianchino attached to her application, where so convincing, we decided quickly to work with her.

Chiara Bianchino is a Model and Playmate based in the Italian capitol Rome. She graduated in Film Studies (Cinema and Television) and started modeling 5 years ago for photo shootings, photographic events, workshops, editorials, exhibitions and more. Also she is working as an actress in the film industry in Italy. The most she loves about her job is, to travel around the world and meet so many interesting people. Also it´s the perfect way for her to express her emotions and feelings.

Like the most Ladies these days, Chiara runs her own Social Media channels. Perhaps the mos successful one is on Instagram, where she is happy about almost 5000,000 followers. For our first collaboration she decided for the AROLLO Thigh High Stretch Boots in Black. To have boots that surround her legs like a second skin was the main reason to choose this style. First time she tried them on, she immediately went absolutely nuts about those boots, she told us. So it took just a about 14 days and she took the boot to Max Simotti for a photo shooting. As soon as the images were edited and first published on AROLLO’s social media accounts, the click rate went through the roof. Each single picture shows professionalism of both of them.

After the first session the Corona crisis hits Italy very brutal. Of corse, now there are other things more important then doing another photo session in AROLLO Boots. We hope Italy and it´s people can return to normal life step by step very soon. Even it´s a long way to go, we all need to stand close to each other now in this situation. We wish Chiara Bianchino and all people in Italy and around the world all the best. Stay, ore become, healthy and look forward to the future with optimism.


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