To make your AROLLO boots last, impragnate them properly before wearing them for the very first time. Spray the boots with the impreganation agent, let them dry for six to eight hours and apply a thin layer of shoe cream.

Three steps for regular shoe care:

1.Treat gently with a damp cloth or mild soap, for dirt and heavy stains use running warm water. Let air dry.
2. Use suitable shoe cream and polish. For perfect shoe shine add one drop of coffee to your polish.
3. When working with impragnation agents please carefully read and observe product instructions!

Allow your boots to rest there and then to make the absorbed moisture go away. For most effective air drying use stretchers and boot pegs.

What to do if the boots are a little too tight:

Our boots are made of high quality genuine leather. Leather is a natural product and can be stretched by warming up to 1cm. To stretch the leather proceed as follows: Put a towel in very hot water. Wring the towel out well and wrap the hot towel around the too narrow part. Leave it there until the towel is cold again. Repeat the process several times. The leather heats up and expands a about 1cm in circumference.