AROLLO Top 3 Overknee Boots 2018

Overknee Boots

Today we present you the top 3 Overknee Boots from our collection. These three models were the best selling Overknee styles from our collection in 2018.

No. 1 AROLLO Overknee Boots Lady Olga:
The absolute bestsellers were the Overknee Lady Olga. Although we had only recently added this model to our collection in the summer of 2018, by the end of the year these boots could place themselves undisputed in first place. The elegant cut, combined with the simple 3cm block heel should have convinced many of our customers. These boots are absolutely suitable for everyday life without forgetting a certain amount of eroticism.

No. 2 AROLLO Overknee Boots Victoria:
Just behind the Overknee Boots Lady Olga the Overknee Boots Victoria came undisputed into second place. These boots are very elegant, the 9cm high block heel is just to call low heel. The shaft reaches about 10cm above the knee. These boots can also be perfectly combined for everyday use and are an absolute eye catcher. These boots were seen at various events throughout the country. 90% of the wearers certify this model a special high wearing comfort. The Overknee Victoria boots can be comfortably worn for several hours without causing the feet to ache.

No. 3 AROLLO Overknee Boots Princess:
In third place of the most successful AROLLO Overknee’s 2018 came the Overknee Boots Princess. An absolute eye-catcher these boots. Black leather, red sole, plus a 14cm “Killer High Heel” more eroticism is almost not possible. With these Overknee’s woman is equipped for every occasion. Whether fetish party, erotic hours for two or even just to capture the views of men’s world, this boots is the right companion.

All three models are available in sizes 37 to 42 in stock and directly in our online shop.

The Top 3 Overknee Boots 2018:


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