AROLLO Stories – Alena Episode 8/10

Alena Episode 8/10

Arollo Stories – Alena Episode 8/10 – Here the Link to Episode 7/10

It’s astonishing: Year after year, you’re living your everyday life; working, taking care of the kids, sometimes – not often enough, I have to admit – also of the relationship, but you’re barely taking care of yourself. Not really, at least. You’re taking care of your career and your money, of the apartment, every now and then you party, but you hardly ever get down to your inner core. And then, overnight, it strikes you like a lightning.

Like it struck me when Miss Just entered my office. Without having to say a word, she made me realize what lights a fire in me. Since then, I’m torn. I’m ashamed to tell Alena. At the same time, I know that I won’t be able to avoid it. Because every other way would be a dead-end road.

In the past few days, I’ve often been sitting on my computer for hours to browse through the offers of an online shop. Just like right now. Miss Just told me the name of her favorite brand. And I really like what I’m seeing here online.

My new assistant has noticed that I’m attracted by her long leather boots. Probably already in the interview. During her first week, she addressed it openly and I couldn’t deny it. So we talked about it. I suspect that she is wearing her AROLLOs, how she calls her Overknee Boots, less often since then. Because she knows how much they distract me. Nevertheless, I have to think about it often.

I hesitate when I’m just one click away from ordering. I feel an excitement, which can be compared to a teenager who buys cigarettes for the first time. But I’m a grown-up man. One who juggles millions. And now I wet my pants because of a simple online order.
“Do you still need me?”, Miss Just is asking, when she suddenly appears in the door.
I didn’t notice her. I look up. As always, I quickly glance at her legs. “No, thank you”, I’m saying.
She smiles like she would know exactly what I’m doing on my computer right now. She then walks away, leaving the door open. I look after her. Her walk is like one of models, even in those half-high shoes she is wearing today. I imagine her in the Overknee Boots. Then I click……

AROLLO Stories – ALENA Episode 9 will be released next Thursday, November 21th at 8 pm



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